This shouldn’t be that hard…

June 23, 2008 feelabustier

Technology is not new to me. I worked as an IT professional for a Fortune 100 company, I’m a certified web designer and I’ve been active online sincce ’95…so why did it take me two hours to upload a video to YouTube? I’m going to use the easiest excuse and blame Fibrofog because even 12 year olds are on YouTube doing this. It just shouldn’t have been that hard.

All that said, yay, I did my first video. Now, of course, I’m hooked. I’ve done about 5 hauls in the past tw weeks and really need to document those and do some swatches so I can at least pretend I’m branching into color cosmetics, though I know deep down I’m gonna stay true to bronze and any shade of taupe. It’s the thought that counts….or at least that’s the B.S. we tell ourselves.

I’m trying really hard not to go all in and make vids on some of the topics that are on my mind right now because I don’t want to alienate anyone…but gas prices, the election, divorce, weight gain and loss, dating scrubs,….I have a lot on my mind. LOL! I might just say something Feela-esque and well..fall out. I guess the bottom line is that I would prefer people not like me for the things I believe in than to like me and never know the real me. There are a few great quotes by other people to that effect, but it’s “Me: Take Two” damnit!

I think I’ve earned a Mimosa. Since I don’t have the supplies, either a water with ice or a simple screw driver will have to do. At any rate, success. Trepidation conqured.

Sending a smile…




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